I Didn’t Sign Up For This

 Where’s Jack Bauer when you need him? The rugged all-American hero from the TV show ‘24’ wouldn’t put up with this stuff.


We’ve got two guys vying to be the next U.S. CEO that come from that lowly regarded cabal of hot air called Congress, a monetary system in ruins with politicians pointing fingers at everyone except themselves, corporate executives coming to earth albeit under their multi million dollar golden parachutes, illegals broaching the Rio Grande, multiple foreign madmen with evil intent, a media that can’t pick up enough rocks to throw, and 300 million people who just want some love. And a little leadership, common sense, ethics, and some spine would also be nice.

You simply can’t blame Bush, Rove, Rumsfeld, and Cheney for everything. It’s not rational. But who cares, we’re in a bad storm and we better get the ship secured fast. Certain factions at work have been successful at rendering ‘W’ a lame duck since the polls closed in November 2004. Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid couldn’t lead a troop of scouts into a Baskin Robbins and they haven’t fared any better with the political suits that represent us. So who is actually at the helm? At least the Supreme Court doesn’t appear to have totally lost its’ way. But a table can’t stand on only one of three legs.


What’s a country to do? While you and I slug it out every day making this country what it is, the ‘smart guys’ have gotten us into another mess. Health care, education, transportation, social services, legal system, entitlement programs, financial markets, monetary policy; all smart guy endeavors that are badly broken. And what’s worse is that the smart guys that created them and then proceeded to break them always want to grab the tool kit to fix them, claiming they’re the experts.


Maybe it’s time to declare Marshall Law on smart guy bluster and general stupidity. Maybe it’s time to tell some people to sit down and shut up. Maybe it’s time for us to reward responsibility and hold those in corporate and political leadership accountable for their actions and persistent double speak.


If we hired and fired the people that run our country the way we hire and fire the people that run our businesses, we would have a good case for sending all 535 politicians along with their snippy staffs’ home on permanent recess. Literally clean the slate and start all over. Remove the cameras, cut their salary, and take away their pension; that would do it. They seem to be okay with it when it happens because of poor performance in the private sector. The Founding Fathers would be weeping if they could see this train wreck, but then again they wouldn’t recognize the train. How ironic.  


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