Ah, Sports…. An Antidote for the Revenge of the Nerds

Ah, sports!

Ah, sports!

Have you had enough of the intellectual suits delivering their 24/7 opinions, politics, lame excuses, and even lamer promises?  Maybe this is what they meant by ‘revenge of the nerds’? Stop talking, enough of the debate and endless explanations, keep your excuses  … shut up and let the athletes play! Ah, sports…..

Where would we be without a much needed respite from our present day culture; a ‘fix’ if you will, provided by sports? College football, NFL, World Series, and the NASCAR Chase act as a salve to the injuries inflicted on the masses perpetrated by the market, the politicians, and the media.

It’s only fair and right that the competitive nature of Americans is satisified by seeing someone get their butt kicked in the proper fashion; face to face on the field of play with dirty fingernails and trash talking. The insipid verbal competition between white collar posers of late has reached critical mass as the presidential campaign winds down and the fiscal meltdown gets heated up.

There’s something about a little chin music, a tug at the crotch, or a nasty brown wad of tobacco that brings the clash of Major League Baseball titans to the forefront where it should be in October. How much of the global injustice and squalor that Christiane Amanpour dishes out can you digest?

There are some real issues that need to be discussed. When will Brett Favre decide it’s time to grow old gracefully? Was Peyton overshadowed by his little brother again this week? Hasn’t Pacman Jones beaten up enough people yet to be banned from the NFL for life? Is Romo still dating Jessica? When will NFL owners be held in contempt for making their players wear those heinous looking retro uniforms? These are the probing questions that subplant the Monday to Friday talking heads’ persistent mantra of ‘who knew what and when did they know it’. 

Friday night has always been my favorite night of the week; just because. School was over for the week, homework could be put off for 48 hours, and I could shut off the parental and scholastic noise, and just enjoy life where sports played the lead role. Forty years later and I still feel the same way. Weekdays are for work and the necessities of merely existing. Weekends are for sports, fun, and enjoying the distractions of life itself. 

The stock market lost trillions of dollars in value, Barack and John are calling each other names, politicians are still being found guilty, the dollar is in the tank, and your boss is still the same jerk he’s always been. No problem, it’s Friday night! Ohio State, Notre Dame, USC, Michigan, Florida, Oregon, and Texas will be on ESPN1 through 7 shortly. 

Time to tune out Wolf Blitzer, James Carville and Andrea Mitchell, and tune in Bob Costas, John Madden, and Suzie Kolber. The world will still be there on Monday morning, but you deserve a healthy break from merely existing.


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