Who Are You Calling A Coward?

conversation starter

conversation starter

…. Maybe this “nation of cowards” aren’t cowardly at all. Maybe Americans are simply courteous, compassionate, correct (politically, that is) or simply fed up with the entire discussion to begin with.


US District Attorney General Eric Holder pitched the BasicMan a hanging curve when he called Americans “a nation of cowards” for their lack of conversation with each other on racial issues. America, nation, and coward are three words I doubt I would use in the same sentence unless I was talking about Congress. I have to question Mr. Holder’s agenda as this is an interesting grenade to throw in his premier public presentation as the first black US Attorney General. And here I thought we lived in the post racial period of Barack Obama where race was supposed to be an incidental factor rather than an essential component that one brings to the table of ideas.

As an aside, AD Holder should be the last person to be talking in terms of cowardice as he had his big chance to be brave as the DOJ Deputy AD during the Clinton administration. Holder cleared the way at DOJ for President Clinton to pardon FBI fugitive Marc Rich and commute sentences for members of the violent FALN when doing the opposite would have served the country’s interests and principles, if not his political connections’, far better.

Studying the context of where his speech was given and to whom it was delivered would indicate that this body blow was not intended for Caucasian-Asian or Caucasian-Hispanic relations but specifically for Caucasian-African American issues. You know, th0se same issues we’ve been having since President Lincoln decided enough was enough 150 years ago. This is high level race baiting at its best; a blistering, sanctimonious attack from the bully pulpit with only a vague reference of who it is meant for. Plausible deniability of intent for when the proverbial ‘ka-ka’ hits the fan. I hope Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and Reverend Wright were watching because this is the new face of their shtick. If you have any doubts just read the hundreds of reader responses on the web that reported on Eric Holder’s remarks, beginning with MSNBC’s First Read. The respondents don’t want a conversation, they want a fight. The longer the threads go, the more it deteriorates as it usually does, with our culture bearing the brunt of another illogical racial confrontation. Race partisans tend to make political partisans look like amateurs.

The problem with Mr. Holder’s remarks is that he has totally discounted the immense progress that has been made. He didn’t get to where he is because he was ‘brave’ enough to have a conversation. He got there because he transcended the conversation he now wants to have, worked hard and produced results, just as did Colin Powell, Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, and Barack Obama.   

To be painfully honest, very few white people truly respect Jackson, Sharpton, and Wright because most of what they do is talk about race. Obama is respected across racial divides primarily because he generally abstains from making the race distinction, i.e. he doesn’t talk about it, he transcends it. 

Maybe this “nation of cowards” aren’t cowardly at all. Maybe Americans are simply courteous, compassionate, correct (politically, that is) or simply fed up with the entire discussion to begin with.

The fact of the matter is that the white race is tired of hearing about reparations due to some group because of the plight of their ancestors they never knew and can’t name. They quietly accept but see the fallacies of never ending quotas and affirmative action on college campuses and in the business world. They are tired of seeing the glorification of a thug culture that further accelerates the devolution of the American culture. They witness our English language being bastardized and marginalized to make room for new cultural norms of Spanish and ebonics and then listen to the complaints when this new dialect derails their attempt to succeed. They have grown weary of an overarching racial double standard in terms of thought, speech, and comportment. They are able to make the distinction of how other cultures have repeatedly assimilated successfully into American culture in short order. Whites are tired of being told that they are the only racists in our society.

Is this the conversation you want, Mr. Holder? Or should the ‘cowards’ continue their attempts move beyond the conversation, and work hard to transcend our issues.


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