Yeah….. What He Said!

My feelings exactly after viewing British MEP for Southeastern England,

.... as well as uncompromising

.... as well as uncompromising

Daniel Hannan delivering a 3 minute speech to the European Parliament. Directed toward British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, it is a blistering touch of economic logic that seems to be conspicuously absent in today’s American dialogue. If one were to take the words ‘Prime Minister’ and ‘British’ every time Mr. Hannan utters them and replace them with  President and American, the shoe would fit equally well.

This link is the definition of courage where truth speaks to power. No sense in me writing anything more here because he demonstrates the frustration for the growing number of ‘basic men’ both here and across the pond. It’s no wonder this ‘rant’, as some call it, has resounded so loudly with over a million hits in its first 48 hours.


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