Just Shut Up

That does it. I have officially had it with the professional talking heads, the ‘smarterpalin than thou’ theoreticians, and the equally insipid intellectual ‘haters’ that have concocted every inane reason for the rise and fall of Sarah Palin. It reached critical mass this morning as Levi Johnston came forward, at his own press conference no less, to expound on his insider info.


You remember Levi, that paragon of 19 year old intellect and ethics that was man enough to produce a baby with 18 year old Bristol Palin but not mature enough to follow through with that whole father thing. Thank you Levi for your ‘kind’ words about the Palin family a few months back and again yesterday. You are one of those useful idiots that the media loves. Now just shut up, please.

And then yesterday, Keith Olbermann, ESPN superstar turned MSNBC hack waxed eloquently about the governor’s resignation. (Note to Keith, you seemed so much happier reporting on sport stats, player misconduct, and owner arrogance). Mr. Olbermann is an angry, sardonic liberal that has the ability to make David Letterman look like Richard Simmons at a pep rally. Keith oozed ad nauseum toward anything and everything Palin with such disdain and contempt  that it could have qualified as a hate crime. How dare Sarah Palin take up other peoples’ air. Thank you Keith for your ‘thoughtful and balanced’ analysis of the governor of Alaska for which MSNBC compensates you handsomely. Now just shut up, please.

Thank goodness for MJ’s timing because were it not for his unfortunate death, the liberal (and some pseudo-conservative) media would have strapped her onto a hod and transported her through the streets of Salem to a bonfire in her honor. Alas, this would not have been a gold casket event, I dare say.

Thanks also goes out to Governor Mark Sanford’s totally illogical behavior following his final pleasure trip to Buenos Aires to take care of some business. That spate of real life irrationality was only out done by his public mea culpa. And you guessed it, our corps of insightful media sages discounted his words and produced their own version of his politically terminal journey and equally sad explanation. With that said, I must admit he deserves some props for not trotting his wife out to stand by his side during his time of humiliation. Eliot Spitzer, take some notes.

So, where are we? We are at a place where we constantly search for the ulterior motive, the still hidden end game of an unexpected turn, the yet to be released ‘true facts’ behind the story. We don’t trust anyone at their word anymore, especially politicians. And why should we? Heaven knows there have been more outed liars than there have been honest ones. What’s worse is that the omnipresent pundits that occupy the airwaves pick and choose who they want to believe, support, and conjure excuses for.

Sarah P. never had a chance with that crowd.

Suppose for a minute that her reasoning as stated was exactly why she made her decision to quit. Consider these crazy ideas; that she was actually speaking truthfully from the heart (females do that on occasion as do South Carolina governors, especially when under stress), that she had had it with the insults preyed on her family (traditionally untouchable for any other politician) from all quadrants, that she was tired of being frivolously targeted by the opposition costing her family and state’s budget ungodly amounts of money, that her work as governor was being compromised as long as she was in the spotlight and not her state, that she was ceding victory to all those that have made her family’s life a living hell since August 2008.

Maybe it would be a good idea for the naysayers and spin doctors to, for once, put themselves in her position based on the events of her last 12 months. I’d love to see them on the same hotseat that they produce for her on a daily basis. Seeing that 99% of them are elitist media cowards hiding behind their free speech/press rights that would much rather sue than fight back if someone punched them in the nose or called them a ninny, I seriously doubt they would have survived half as long.

For the time being though, count me as one of those who will stand up for the pilloried Governor Palin and take her at her word. I will also take pleasure telling those that manufacture their negative, intolerant diagnosis of her issues to Just Shut Up.


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