Could Helen Reddy Have Been Right?

I Am Woman, hear me roar….. in numbers too big to ignore ….

….. Hillary isn’t about  to get tackled on the 10 yard line again by her own team ……female sign and if you scan the line-up of usual suspects of potential 2012 Republicans it’s interesting to note that there isn’t a single male figure able to man-up enough to match the females in the party. The most powerful, cogent, and appealing voices motivating the conservative movement are coming from women.


Agree with me or not, Barack Obama is looking more and more like a one term president. Not because he isn’t doing what he said he would do, but because he is. The difference is that a growing number Americans are finally onto his ‘to do’ list. Something they should been before they voted for him. But, lest I digress….

The real question is how long it will take for his party to render him politically impotent as they see their own political futures dismantled. If my thought process is correct that sets up an interesting scenario about his 2012 successor.

Right now neither party has a male candidate that could beat the potential field of female presidential candidates; Barack included. If you scan the line-up of usual suspects of potential 2012 Republicans it’s interesting to note that there isn’t a single male figure able to man-up enough to match the females in the party. The most powerful, cogent, and appealing voices motivating the conservative movement are coming from women.

          I Am Woman, hear me roar….. in numbers too big to ignore ….

Every guy has caught himself muttering, “…. yeah sure, whatever” upon hearing the opening line from Helen Reddy’s hit song of 1972; I Am Woman. Thirty seven years later, some of those same guys in the Washington ruling class aren’t quite as dismissive.

Credit the Democrats in the 80’s with putting up Geraldine Ferraro and getting the revolution rolling albeit before the country was ready for her. In 2008 we were ready, but Team Obama gang tackled Hillary on her way to the goal line. It’s no secret that many in their own party are now wondering if they would be on such thin ice today had she scored. 

Think what you will about Sarah Palin but she heads a list of conservative minded women that are currently headlining the Republican Party. Rep. Michelle Bachman (R-MN) and Rep. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) join Palin as feminine voices that are rocking an active group of bipartisan voters that feel both parties have been taking them for granted for a long time. Many more are also realizing that Romney, Huckabee, Giuliani, and the rest of the Republican good old boys lack the freshness and energy needed to attract younger voters to the conservative movement in a way that these women seem capable of doing. One of these women could emerge as a presidential contender leading this movement; especially if she were to show a sense of ideological toughness, depth, and dignity. Can you say Margaret Thatcher?

All three are passionately pro American (can’t believe I even have to list that), free market, pro security / national defense, anti-beltway Constitutionalists. Each are married mothers, ideologically conservative, eloquent, and did I mention, attractive. That last attribute may seem like a sexist canard but get over it; we live in a visually oriented political culture where what you look like actually  matters.  

But they aren’t the only ones providing tough perspective and clarity about our current national malaise. While Michelle Malkin, Ann Coulter, and Laura Ingraham publicly stir the political pot in ways that causes the left to go apoplectic, there are three other women operating in the background that bear some attention. Liz Cheney and Debra Burlingame are connected power players who embody the same attributes as the aforementioned female politicians but in addition, display a cerebral sense of gravity that bespeaks their depth. When they speak, people listen. The third woman is Condoleeza Rice. She represents the ultimate political trifecta. It’s never been a stretch to see her in the POTUS role. 

As much as Sarah Palin is adored by core conservatives, I have serious doubts about her in a central role on the world stage where being polite, pretty, and nice count for nothing. Cheney, Burlingame, and especially Rice are the ones that are most intriguing.                            

The congresswomen have the stage however and inasmuch as they reject the opposition’s social and political agenda, the liberal blogosphere and media gloves will come off early as they will do everything imaginable to dictate the terms of how these women are portrayed. You know who they are, the same ones that would never consider putting Hillary Clinton on the cover of Newsweek dressed in a jogging outfit.

There have been times when Gov. Palin has been her own worst enemy but if her first 18 months in the national media spotlight was any indication, the opposition will mount an intense effort to discredit the conservative women intellectually so as to neutralize any advantage their looks and likeability might give them over a liberal ideologue such as Hillary Clinton. So much for advances made by the feminist movement over the past 40 years.

Barrack Obama found himself in the Oval Office in large part because of the nation’s general discontent with Bush, his party, and his policies. Obama is headed for the same fate once Americans realize what their vote for hope and change cost them in terms of personal liberties and taxes. Even if one was to acquiesce to his ad nauseum references to a pitiful political inheritance, there is not a single major Obama solution or initiative that a majority of Americans can say they look forward to with anticipation. The polling data has backed up that contention since the stimulus plan was unveiled in early 2009. Even the hope and changers aren’t sure if the light at the end of the tunnel is sunshine or an oncoming train.

This presents a unique opportunity for the Right to do something they haven’t done since 1994; be bold. One thing is certain. If they accept the challenge and do something bold; it likely will involve a woman.


2 Responses

  1. Marsha Blackburn Voted FOR:
    Omnibus Appropriations, Special Education, Global AIDS Initiative, Job Training, Unemployment Benefits, Labor-HHS-Education Appropriations, Agriculture Appropriations, U.S.-Singapore Trade, U.S.-Chile Trade, Supplemental Spending for Iraq & Afghanistan, Prescription Drug Benefit, Child Nutrition Programs, Surface Transportation, Job Training and Worker Services, Agriculture Appropriations, Foreign Aid, Vocational/Technical Training, Supplemental Appropriations, UN “Reforms.” Patriot Act Reauthorization, CAFTA, Katrina Hurricane-relief Appropriations, Head Start Funding, Line-item Rescission, Oman Trade Agreement, Military Tribunals, Electronic Surveillance, Head Start Funding, COPS Funding, Funding the REAL ID Act (National ID), Foreign Intelligence Surveillance, Thought Crimes “Violent Radicalization and Homegrown Terrorism Prevention Act, Peru Free Trade Agreement, Economic Stimulus, Farm Bill (Veto Override), Warrantless Searches, Employee Verification Program, Body Imaging Screening.

    Marsha Blackburn Voted AGAINST:
    Ban on UN Contributions, eliminate Millennium Challenge Account, WTO Withdrawal, UN Dues Decrease, Defunding the NAIS, Iran Military Operations defunding Iraq Troop Withdrawal, congress authorization of Iran Military Operations.

    Marsha Blackburn is my Congressman.
    See her unconstitutional votes at :

  2. Mickey1956, A+ for your homework …. probably could list 80% of her republican colleagues that voted the same way on many of these issues for one reason or another …. since Congress has a way of making the contents of every bill virtually opague in terms of last minute riders and amendments there always seems to be a reason … with that said, Blackburn remains a ‘person of interest’ (right or wrong) in terms of a voice that is out there being heard …. we’ll see what the future brings >>> as you may have surmised I am less taken with the female politicians for 2012 than I am those that are working behind the scenes and make no bones about my opinion that Ms. Rice would be a phenomenol option. Hillary versus Condi would be great politics and make for a killer campaign!
    Thanks for reading, Mickey

    regards, BasicMan

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