Six Predictions That Buck Conventional Wisdom

The average ‘basic-man’ looks around these days and sees everything is upsidecoming attractions down. He wonders what could possibly happen next. We know by now that the military will do everything it is asked to do and yield incredible results that most people will underestimate or fail to acknowledge. We know that Washington DC is a cesspool where the denizens that wear those fancy, prized lapel pins (tax payer purchased) have totally lost their sense of smell. But there are also a few good things ahead; day light savings time, the opening of spring training camp, and most importantly, a midterm election. Here are a few predictions on why it’s still ok to get up in the morning. Enjoy!

1.  Even with the lunacy displayed by the policies of the left, it is still too early to predict a Republican rout in Congress in November. They have nine months to stumble over their message and totally screw up a sure thing. And what’s worse is their proclivity to do just that. I will go out on a limb however and predict that both Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi will be out of a job this time next year. Reid will become Citizen Harry and head west to the homestead in Nevada after a redux of Tom Daschle’s fall from power. Unfortunately, Ms. Pelosi will retain her congressional seat for life thanks to her constitutionally challenged, wacko constituency from San Francisco but she will lose her speaker’s gavel and have her tax-payer provided Boeing 757 wings clipped after being fired from her Speaker of the House gig. Even if the Dems manage to retain control of the House, she’ll never survive the retribution of the remaining Democrat house members for leading them to the bloodbath they will face in November.

2. Geithner, Napolitano, and Clinton will be gone within a year. It’s a shame that Attorney General Holder won’t be in this group, but for the high grades he gives himself for the job he is doing. Napolitano and Geithner will list family or personal reasons for their departure; others will call it survival as evidence will become insurmountable that they are both in the deep end without their water wings. The White House will gladly show them the door that leads to their families.

Hillary Clinton however, is another case entirely. Knowing what an adept political calculator she (and Bill) can be with a vision for their own best interests, Hillary will exercise a well used maxim; ‘you have to get out of politics to get back in’. I predict Secretary of State Clinton will resign her post within the next 12-14 months if Barack Obama’s presidential approval numbers continue to drop and stagnate in the low to mid 40% range. Shortly after the mid-term elections in November 2010 it will become painfully evident to party insiders that the mortal behind Hope and Change is a one-term failure and the logical heir apparent is Hillary Clinton. Unlike her 2008 run when she doubled as the junior senator from New York, she’ll be an experienced,  progressive ideologue that will pose as a populist female with the clout to quell the independents’ anger with the party of Obama.    

3. With high profile failures on the domestic and foreign policy fronts, ballooning deficits and skyrocketing national debt issues, naiveté on anti-terror policy and confusion with national security initiatives, continued double digit unemployment and a sputtering jobless economic recovery … President Obama and his party will appear to change course and play tough guy with photo op finger wagging threats and stern talk. I predict their words will be seen by the electorate as hollow, their actions will amount to nothing, and as such, nothing will happen.  Obama’s teleprompter magic may give him a short lived bump in the polls but he is no more capable of changing his philosophy than a tiger is capable of changing his stripes.

What is happening in our society is that more and more people are becoming informed on the issues. There is a reason why political blogs, talk radio, Fox News, and non-partisan tea party groups are enjoying such popularity and passion; they are exposing the perfumed political princes for what they are; self serving puppets of an ideology that is squeezing the liberty out of everything it touches.

4. Unfortunately for the innocent members of organized labor, they negotiated a deal with the devil and got in bed with a leadership team more unsavory than their own; the federal government.  I predict the Big Three auto makers will become the Big One with a roster of foreign interlopers with domestic manufacturing sites. Ford ends up being the big winner here, and owes it’s survival to the stubborn cunning of CEO Alan Mulally who refused to be lured into the government’s web. Consumers are voting with their wallets and spurning GM and Chrysler’s decision to go on “gum’mit” welfare.  

5.  The bad news in sports is that Barry Bonds and Roger Clemons will not take their cue from Mark McGuire’s recent steroid use recantation. One because of legal ramifications and the other because of ego/character issues. Meanwhile Pete Rose watches from the Hall of Fame sideline, compares apples and oranges, and curses the non-athlete gatekeepers that won’t dignify his drug free body of work. The good news is this: I predict Tiger Woods will return from rehab with Elin and be in shape for the British Open, the scene of his last big league ‘on course’ failure. Michael Vick will be traded by the Philadelphia Eagles and resume his NFL career with another team; character still in rehab. Good for both of them; it’s not the hole you dig for yourself it’s how you find a respectful way to climb out.

6. Finally, in December 2010 Scott Brown will have officially been seated as the  Republican Senator from Massachusetts for one year. Being the quick study, intelligent, and charismatic leader that he is will have enabled him to make favorable first impressions on his new congressional colleagues. Even with those credentials, I confidently can predict he will not seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States. Easy prediction? Yes. Ludicrous? No; especially when one considers that Barack Obama had far less time in the state and national spotlight when he began his presidential campaigning.


3 Responses

  1. OH … I hope you’re right! I mean I REALLY hope you’re right!!! For my children’s sake!

  2. Predict Conan will go to Fox, we, (our benevolent Dear Leader), will wait until it’s to late for political change in Iran, “Global Warming” will give way to “New Ice Age”, the economic recovery will stall out due to business climate uncertainty (taxes), many pigs, hops and maduro wrappers will be sacrificed in the name of manly culinary ritual, and this will be the “Summer of Samurai”.

  3. Yea verily, my brother …. and in the Year 2011 thou shalt see Beyonce promoted to Secretary of State, Oprah will assume duties as Secretary of Defense, Bernie Madoff will be pardoned and receive congressional approval as Federal Reserve Chairman (a bona fide professional), the Kansas City Royals will win the World Series, and the polar bear will replace the eagle on the $1 bill ….. so much for predictions > cheers, Basic

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