Barack’s Annoying Domestic Problem

Forget the War on Terror, the festering economic quagmire with a collapsed housing market and auto industry, or even mounting tensions in the Middle East. President Obama has an annoyingly persistent problem much closer to Foot in Mouth Disease home; namely the man he chose to be his #2, Joe Biden. Presumably he was picked to be the V.P. for the dignity and experience he would bring to the job. Certainly this was a key contrast made between him and Gov. Sarah Palin. After 36 years on the job in DC one thought he would have brought a better handle on world events and a more disciplined tongue to the administration. It would appear that, in spite of Tina Fay’s dullard portrayal of Mrs. Palin on SNL, she is the one that has displayed a better grasp of issues and personal control of the thoroughfare between the brain and the mouth. 

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