Don’t Do It, Sarah

Gov. Palin’s prominence is not an indictment of tea party philosophy of smaller,2012 less intrusive government, lower taxes and Constitutional discipline. It is simply that she is not the person that will garner wide enough appeal of that philosophy to take it to the presidential level. As long as she is the face of the Tea Party movement it will struggle to elevate itself past being a political sect or a rogue offshoot of the GOP.

The person who takes the baton from her will be the center of the biggest political story of the next 18 months.

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Why Sarah Palin Can’t Win in 2012

I generally like anyone with the ability to bring The View ladies, David Letterman,crib notes Keith  Olberman, and others of their socio-political perspective to an apoplectic froth. Reading this will likely be a tough pill to swallow for those who see Gov. Palin as a Ronald Reaganesque figure in US politics. It was tough for me to put the thoughts into words. Don’t get me wrong though, I am a Palin fan.While I find great appeal in her views on limited government, a return to Constitutional authority, disciplined federal spending, a strong military to fight a 21st century war, etc. I just don’t think she is now or ever will be presidential material. Here’s why ….

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Just Shut Up

That does it. I have officially had it with the professional talking heads, the ‘smarterpalin than thou’ theoreticians, and the equally insipid intellectual ‘haters’ that have concocted every inane reason for the rise and fall of Sarah Palin. It reached critical mass this morning as Levi Johnston came forward, at his own press conference no less, to expound on his insider info.


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Is There More To Sarah Palin?

Deep down inside I was praying for a Margaret Thatcher mind to come out of the Palin body. Who knows, maybe its still there looking for a way to get out but I doubt we’ll ever get a chance to hear it. The media has succeeded in destroying her national political future by dumbing her down to the level of a small town hick. This process has been nothing short of repugnant, sadistic, and patently unfair not only to her, but to democracy in general. Continue reading