Immersion Therapy: Part 2

Words like ‘fag’ and ‘queer’ used to roll off my tongue as just another figure ofwhy are you here speech. They weren’t laced with anger but retained their measure of derogatory descriptiveness. I’m not sure why that was because I had never known a ‘gay person’. When I allowed myself to open up some old chapters, I was afforded a fresh perspective in retracing my steps … and it was humbling.


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Immersion Therapy: Part 1

It began so simply last November over a cup of coffee and a flyer on the wall of aALC route Starbucks in San Francisco with the slogan “You Belong Here” – ALC11 (AIDS Life Cycle). From San Francisco to Los Angeles; 545 miles over seven days, 2500 cyclists would make their way down the coast to Santa Cruz, sweeping inland through central California wine country and snaking back to the oceanfront at Moro Bay to join the Pacific Coast Highway into Los Angeles. Sounded awesome.

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