Middle East Freedom; An American Teaching Moment

Events over the last month in Tunisia, Southern Sudan, and Egypt should cast a brightTahrir Square light on things we tend to take for granted while going about our daily lives in America. It’s certain the citizens of those African countries and millions of others residing elsewhere under repressive rule don’t take freedom and liberty for granted.

The populations of the aforementioned African nations have experienced firsthand a lifetime filled with repression, corruption, and fear where individual freedom is a privilege only granted through the graciousness of government and society.

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What Are They Teaching Our Kids?

Recently, my adult kids, nephews and nieces have engaged me in separategraduation_cap conversations about how their country works, or rather why their country isn’t working the way they thought it would, or should. The sad part of these dialogues is that I have become painfully aware of what they have and have not been taught. It seems that a large section of our educational curriculum has failed an entire generation that will soon take on positions of leadership. Granted, any conversation with an adult family member that starts with “Why ….”  – or – “How come ….” is so much more enjoyable than one that starts with “Can you, please ….” but lest I digress.

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