The Current Tone of the Gay Marriage Dialogue

“What’s your view of gay marriage”? “Well, I think if you love somebody you shouldgay marriage simply be able to marry them – “what’s your opinion”? “Who loves whom is none of my business but redefining marriage for same sex unions is a really complex issue and …..” Hmmm, I never took you for a bigot”.

That’s about how it goes. I know. I’ve tried many, many times.

It is virtually impossible to have a thoughtful hearing on this issue without it going emotionally off the tracks before the end of  opening arguments.  And that is the first problem.

    “Those who demand the most tolerance from others typically exhibit the least tolerance in return”Basicman’s Axiom of Life #6

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Is eHarmony Playing Out of Tune?

The BasicMan is having trouble with this one. NOT because of the litigaextortionnts involved but because of the nature of the suit. and what it says about our legal system in a hyperactive politically correct environment where the term civil rights has taken on a life of it’s own. This wasn’t jurisprudence, this was extortion.


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