Stepping On Some Toes

Some people are about to get their toes stepped on …. We’ve been too nice for too long to too many people over too many issues. Thetoes Mediterranean and a large portion of the Middle East are awash with countries whose populations have grown tired of playing nice with tyrannical leaders who in return serve up nothing more than repression. Over in Europe, leaders once heralded as socially enlightened have publicly proclaimed that the multicultural social experiment has been a miserable failure in spite of their industrious efforts to make the melting pots work. At home, our political leaders face their own comeuppance as citizens have rediscovered the Constitution and demand that it be adhered to. Organized labor groups are finding out that there is only so much money to go around and their collective bargaining windfalls have ‘contracted’ them into a corner. Even President Obama, once immune from second guessers finds himself and his signature domestic policies under intense fiscal scrutiny.

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