Six ‘Shovel Ready Projects’ for Obama’s 2012 Chances

Six ways for Barack Obama to get reelected in 2012 and the soleshovel-ready reason he won’t use any of them.

Dealing effectively with any one of these six areas will play well with American voters that are truly paying attention. An effort to turn things around by turning ones’ self around (ideologically and methodologically) will have a major impact toward securing another four years for the Obama family at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Its that whole redemption concept that Americans love to see played out.

But none of them will ever happen because he is ……

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Could Helen Reddy Have Been Right?

I Am Woman, hear me roar….. in numbers too big to ignore ….

….. Hillary isn’t about  to get tackled on the 10 yard line again by her own team ……female sign and if you scan the line-up of usual suspects of potential 2012 Republicans it’s interesting to note that there isn’t a single male figure able to man-up enough to match the females in the party. The most powerful, cogent, and appealing voices motivating the conservative movement are coming from women.


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