What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

One would assume that nobody likes the toxic atmosphere our civil discourse haswrong taken, except for media talking heads that make their money throwing fuel on social fires. So, I propose a hypothetical exercise. Since outspoken and important folks from the VP on down have taken to categorizing a certain American political group (read: Tea Party) as terrorists and hostage takers, and since nobody thinks a terrorist is a good thing whether it wears an explosive vest or a Congressional lapel pin, let’s take the liberal side of things and promote all the good stuff they would like to see in America if they just didn’t have to fight the “terrorists”.

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Anatomy of the “F” Word

…… This is 2009, Americans live in “civilized” society where the only Obit George Carlintime the “F” word is  used is to pejoratively describe someone who goes against mainstream philosophy, watches FOX news, or invokes Rush Limbaugh’s name…..  I became interested in that nasty “F” word. No, not George Carlin’s third word on his list of 7 Words You Can’t Say on TV or the word that Progressives have distain for… Freedom. The word I needed to know more about was ……

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