Romney: “I’ve Got Them Right Where I Want Them”

Sitting 3-4 strokes behind the leaders on Sunday morning, remember the days whenmomentum you said Tiger Woods had the competition right where he wanted them? Whether or not those days will ever return is still in question however one had to take notice of the way he conducted business in such a measured, methodical, timed, and unflappable manner. I sense the same pattern with Mitt Romney and how he has conducted business in his world. In case there’s any doubt; the Woods – Romney analogy stops there.

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Barack’s Annoying Domestic Problem

Forget the War on Terror, the festering economic quagmire with a collapsed housing market and auto industry, or even mounting tensions in the Middle East. President Obama has an annoyingly persistent problem much closer to Foot in Mouth Disease home; namely the man he chose to be his #2, Joe Biden. Presumably he was picked to be the V.P. for the dignity and experience he would bring to the job. Certainly this was a key contrast made between him and Gov. Sarah Palin. After 36 years on the job in DC one thought he would have brought a better handle on world events and a more disciplined tongue to the administration. It would appear that, in spite of Tina Fay’s dullard portrayal of Mrs. Palin on SNL, she is the one that has displayed a better grasp of issues and personal control of the thoroughfare between the brain and the mouth. 

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