Hey Dad, Are we going to be okay?

…. The truth is we’ve been here before, more than once. We know the holding handsway out. The question is: Do we, as Americans, still have the guts to make the tough choices and execute the plan knowing that the healing process will be more painful than our current condition, or will we kick the can down the road and leave it for our kids to take care of. Time is of the essence as we have levied some pretty high financial stakes this time around. Recorded history reveals what  prominent figures had to say about the crisis’ that surrounded them. 

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Different Take On A Tough Situation

When you find yourself in a hole the important factor is not the hole’s depth but the size of the ladder you have to climb out. After 7 years of an expensive, dual fronted warladder with a cunning enemy, a devastating economic predicament where the genius’ that caused the problems have the upper hand in fixing them, and a populace that hangs  on sheer hope because they have so little confidence in those holding the reins of political power, we Yanks find ourselves in a pretty substantial hole. 

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