Repealing DADT

In the eyes of the military Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is not a gay issue, a witch hunt, a civilDADT rights or equality issue. Instead, it’s a social issue with far reaching organizational implications. Truth be told, the armed forces don’t care any more about a service member’s sexual orientation than they do about what religion they practice or the color of their skin. As in every other enterprise with critical responsibilities and deep investment in personnel, the focus is on the quality and maturity of the individual, how they do their job, and what their value is to the mission. Period.

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Why BasicMan?

Over the last ten years of seeing their work, I’m not so impressed with theWhy BasicMan products churned out of the Ivy League lecture halls. Their pedigrees and diplomas can generate a false sense of credibility however what comes out of their mouth isn’t necessarily tied to common sense. Regrettably, the polish and presentation often makes their inane ideas not only palatable, but convincing.

Who raises the B.S. flag on these occasions? Who cuts through the talking head noise of issues to break it down into what ‘it’ really means for the 300+ million people who still understand the concept and importance of ‘basics’? 

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Different Take On A Tough Situation

When you find yourself in a hole the important factor is not the hole’s depth but the size of the ladder you have to climb out. After 7 years of an expensive, dual fronted warladder with a cunning enemy, a devastating economic predicament where the genius’ that caused the problems have the upper hand in fixing them, and a populace that hangs  on sheer hope because they have so little confidence in those holding the reins of political power, we Yanks find ourselves in a pretty substantial hole. 

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