When Kids Grow Up

The seniors just graduated and received all sorts of congratulations for their (in somegraduation_hat_throw cases) hard earned victories. But parents, don’t expect too much from them; you’ve been the ones spoon feeding life to them up to this point (once again, in some cases). They remain immature, raw, and inexperienced on one hand and full of bravado and book knowledge on the other.

Life has yet to smack them on the side of the head. It will happen, it will hurt, and life seldom apologizes without needed course correction. 

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Life’s Three Most Powerful Words

Ask my grown kids what those three words are; they will tell you. Whether or not they  dictionary know just how powerful and liberating they can be is known only to them. If more people knew what they are, knew how and when to use them, and lived as a result of their power …. let’s just say life would be a lot easier.                 

I love you?… Close, but no.

I am sorry? … No.

Please forgive me? … No, again.

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The Redemption of Michael Vick

It seems I take an unpopular stand in the controversy over ex-con Michael Vick’sVick return to the National Football League. You’ve heard of Mr. Vick, that incredibly gifted athlete and equally stupid and misguided human being that went to prison for his leading role in a dog fighting enterprise.  


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