When Kids Grow Up

The seniors just graduated and received all sorts of congratulations for their (in somegraduation_hat_throw cases) hard earned victories. But parents, don’t expect too much from them; you’ve been the ones spoon feeding life to them up to this point (once again, in some cases). They remain immature, raw, and inexperienced on one hand and full of bravado and book knowledge on the other.

Life has yet to smack them on the side of the head. It will happen, it will hurt, and life seldom apologizes without needed course correction. 

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Whatever Happened to Civics?

…”What was discouraging was that none of the young people had any desire or intention to vote for any presidential candidate because they felt totally betrayed by the entire political ‘system’. These weren’t a group of disenfranchised youth but educated and talented young people. Continue reading